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How to play Hisss by Gamewright

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So if you don’t know yet, I LOVE games! I’m not talking about video or computer games, but the classic board and card games, thinking puzzles, word games, etc. 

Nothing beats gathering with your friends and family to play a game for some good ole FUN!!!

My family and I have played so many different games over the years. I am excited to share one of our favorites when the children were younger – Hisss by Gamewright.

What is Hisss?

For ages 3 & up
Very easy to learn
Introduces Color Identification & Visual Logic
No Reading Required
Playing time: 10 to 15 minutes
2 – 5 players

Hisss is a straightforward but engaging card game for parents or older siblings to play with a younger child. 

Players take turns trying to match colors and create a snake from head to tail. Snakes can be long, short, or in between, and they can be all one color or a rainbow of colors.

Once you finish the snake with either a head or tail, you get to add that snake to your “pit.” The player with the most snakes in their pit at the end of the game wins.

How to play

Players need to form complete snakes to add to their “pit.” A completed snake has to have a head section, at least one mid-section, and a tail section. 

Shuffle all cards and place them fanned out, face down in the middle of the table. The first player selects a card from this pile of cards and puts it face-up on the table.

The next player draws a card from the pile. They can play that card onto the first card if the color matches the open-end, thus starting a snake.

If the player draws a card that does not match any color on an open-end, start a new snake.

A snake can be made longer on either side of the mid-section. However, a snake that has a head or tail on the card can not be made longer on the side where the head or tail is. Those cards either begin or end a snake.

Complete a snake once it has its head, at least one mid-section, and a tail. The player that adds the final piece to the snake gets to claim that snake. As you complete snakes, move them to your side to claim them in your “snake pit.”

Incomplete snakes remain on the table until they can be made complete. If several incomplete snakes are in the middle of the table, a player can connect two parts with a card they pick from the draw pile.

Rainbow-colored snake sections are wild cards and can go next to any color.

How to win

The player to draw the last remaining card from the draw pile ends the game. If they can complete a snake, they may do so. Then they can move that completed snake to their side.

All players count their finished snakes. The player with the most snakes in their pit wins. If two or more players have the same number of snakes, count the cards up to determine the winner. If there is still a tie, the person with the longest snake wins.

My take on Hisss

I first stumbled across Hisss back in 2009. I was searching for the perfect gift for a 4-year-old boy. After a little research, I decided to purchase it. My friend told me her son loved this game so much! Of course, hearing this made me happy because I picked the gift.

Never having played the game, I remembered how much my friend and her family enjoyed it. Therefore, when my children were around the same age, I purchased it for our game cabinet. 

We had a lot of fun playing Hisss for years. The cards are high-quality and very durable. Our set still looks brand new to this day!

Where you can buy

Slither on over to Amazon.com to check out more positive reviews! You can also find this game available to purchase over at Walmart.com.

Hisss is a straightforward but engaging card game for parents or older siblings to play with a younger child.  To win, be the player with the most snakes in your pit by the end of the game!

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