What to-do with empty POM bottles…

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So you have some empty POM juice bottles and aren’t sure what to do with them.  Of course, you can recycle them, but I came up with a few fun things you may consider doing instead!

My first idea was bowling-related since I married a bowler.  So I filled 6 clean, empty bottles with water then had the kids add a few drops of food coloring to each.  I tightly closed the caps and set them upside-down in the shape of a triangle, just like bowling pins.  The kids then went to knocking them down with a soft, round ball. They had a blast! 

Then the kids used the same water-filled bottles and stacked them up like blocks (only to knock them right down).  They enjoyed playing with these bottles for over an hour!

Another reader suggested filling them with sand or small beads, adding tiny treasures and doing a “Look & Find” type game.

Someone else mentioned painting them white and making snowmen out of them.  They are the perfect shape!  You could even make homemade dolls.

Another idea I had was to have the kids paint the bottles in various colors, and then once they dry, they use them as toothbrush holders or maybe even fill them with pretty spring flowers.

I also thought you could fill with rice or beans and then have the kids hold at the spout to shake like maracas! La Cucaracha!

Do you have any thoughts on how to reuse these? They are just the cutest bottles, and I hate to toss them!  So repurpose them it is!

Thank you for sharing!

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